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Making Live Phone Polling Cost-Effective Again

4 April 2024
CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is a time-tested approach to conducting surveys by phone. Live phone polling consistently delivers high completion rates on surveys, more accurate and representative data, and…
Market Research

The Advantages of Live Phone Polling

6 March 2024
Live phone polling, once the gold standard for polling, has dramatically declined in use with just 10% of pollsters now relying on this method. This change has largely been driven…
Case Studies

Leading Provider of Food Intolerance Testing

25 June 2023
Europe’s leading provider of food intolerance testing, who currently operate in 45 countries across the globe, were wanting to launch into the Australia market.  After some initial market entry research,…
Case Studies

Edwards Life Sciences

22 June 2023
Edward Life Sciences, American medical equipment company specialising in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, enlisted the help of TKW Health to roll out a multi stage education and evaluation…

The Role of Market Research in Developing a Strong Marketing Strategy – part 2

20 June 2023
We dive deep to see how you can really get to know your customers, your market, and your competitors.
Case Studies

Therapeutic Guidelines Limited

15 June 2023
TKW Health was appointed to conduct research on behalf of Therapeutic Guidelines Limited to measure the use of eTG; an online and mobile app reference tool for healthcare professionals to…

The Role of Market Research in Developing a Strong Marketing Strategy – part 1

10 June 2023
What Marketing Insights Can You Obtain From Market Research?
Market Research

Why CATI remains the superior way to collect data

5 June 2023
Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing or CATI is a survey administered by an interviewer over the telephone. The interviewer has the questionnaire on their computer where they can input the responses…
Market Research

Why Market Research remains critical in the post-covid economy

3 June 2023
The Covid-19 crisis has rocked the global economy and shaken many industries. What role does market research play in this volatile business environment across different industries?
Case Studies

Diabetes Australia

1 June 2023
TKW Health were commissioned to work with the Diabetes Australia membership base and those registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) for their annual customer service research.  TKW Health…

Mixed Methodology Research: the pros and cons

20 May 2023
Whether you're conducting qualitative or quantitative research, you will always need to collect data from a variety of sources to get a full and accurate picture of your research. Using…
Case Studies

COVID-19 Voices from the Frontline

17 May 2023
TKW Health self-funded an important tracking study on the impact of COVID-19 on our healthcare system, using our large database of over 85,000 healthcare professionals, we were able to gain…

COVID-19: Third Wave Tracking Study

22 November 2020
As we adjust to the new reality of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are having to quickly adapt to how they work amidst the deadly virus. Many in the healthcare sector…

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