COVID-19: Third Wave Tracking Study

COVID-19: Third Wave Tracking Study

Voices from the frontline: The impact on healthcare professionals

As we adjust to the new reality of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are having to quickly adapt to how they work amidst the deadly virus.

Many in the healthcare sector are experiencing firsthand how the pandemic is impacting Australian lives as well as how it impacts their own livelihoods.

While some of our healthcare professionals have increased their workload, there are others who have seen a dramatic reduction in patients and therefore income. Like many of us they are now concerned for their future financial wellbeing.

With the second COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria in early/mid June 2020, the confidence we were seeing amongst healthcare professionals and the broader Australian community has been shaken.

This is the third TKW Research study into the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s healthcare professionals. It focuses primarily on the second Victorian outbreak, how it has impacted the sector, what our healthcare professionals are thinking, feeling and experiencing and what they think needs to happen next.

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