Excellence in Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is at the heart of what AFS ‘Smart Askers’ does for our clients. It’s our capability, experience, infrastructure and knowledge in this area that deliver such outstanding results.


  • 80 seats in Seaford near Melbourne
  • 100 seats in Auckland, New Zealand


  • Long serving interviewers
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Intelligent programmers
  • Quality managers
  • Added value researchers

Our CATI systems all run on the VoxCo platform, which provides quality and flexibility in survey design and sample handling. Programming, coding and data processing are all managed in-house, giving clients continuity and quality of service. It also promotes quick resolution of any issues that arise during the piloting or testing of surveys.

Clients using our CATI facilities have access to an AFS web portal so they can track projects ‘live’ while they are happening.