Mystery Shopping Compliance – Financial Services

Are your frontline staff focused on your customers?

Challenges for financial service providers
Selling financial products using compliance auditing has become increasingly challenging for sales people because of product complexities as well as legal corporate compliance services. At the same time, new tools are constantly being introduced to win new customers and build relationships with them, and to ensure consultations are both efficient for service providers as well as convenient for customers.

It has never been easier for customers to compare financial and compliance auditing offerings. With such keen competition, trust – which is built on excellent service and sound advice – remains a core service differentiator.

Can your staff keep up with the changes?

  • Can your staff keep pace with the latest developments in your company and compliance auditing industry?
  • Are they able to differentiate their service delivery, selling the right products to customers in the right way?
  • Can they establish trusting relationships with your customers to help grow your business?
  • Do they comply with legal requirements?

TKW has the Answers

Utilising mystery shopping for corporate compliance services and new technology like video consultations, we assess all your sales and communication channels via mail, phone or personal visits to your branch. Our trained mystery shoppers on compliance auditing will evaluate how your staff are shaping your customers’ experience with your brand and how they are helping you grow your business … or not via corporate compliance services method.

We work closely with you, using scenario-building to find out important information ranging from response time and expert knowledge for compliance auditing and service orientation.

Our programs can be customised to focus on retail clients, wealth management, existing and potential clients, or a mix of your client segments.

We can tailor our research specifically to your needs. If you wish to compare your corporate compliance services and compliance audit performance against your competitors and learn from them, we can include a benchmarking study on compliance auditing.

You can rely on our worldwide experience in your industry.

Tool Box

  • In-person branch tests (video and audio)
  • Contact Centre response testing
  • Website reviews
  • Live chat response testing
  • Social media response testing
  • Multichannel regulatory reviews
  • Red Flag instant feedback

Portfolio of Review Services

  • Home Loans
  • Small business Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • New Account Opening
  • Collection Processes
  • Investment Advice
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Life Insurance
  • Home & Contents Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Renewals
  • Approvals
  • Variations & Changes
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