J&S Recruitment

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In 2013, TKW Research acquired J&S Research, which was later rebranded as J&S Recruitment.

J&S Recruitment has been providing market research recruitment services to a number of the leading research agencies since 1978.

Whether you are looking to get in front of consumers, business professionals, or those in the healthcare industry all around Australia & New Zealand, J&S Recruitment can deliver the quality respondents you need.

We recruit for all methodologies and have vast experience in the following key areas:

  • Consumer focus groups
  • In depth interviews
  • Accompanied shops
  • Central location product testing
  • In home product testing
  • Car clinics
  • Usability testing
  • Taste testing
  • Children research
  • Elderly and pensioner research
  • Online bulletin boards and focus groups
  • Patients / suffers of common ailments
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • IT and Telco Research
  • Affinity groups
  • Business Recruitment
  • Multicultural
  • Medical

J&S Recruitment is one of Australia’s leading market research recruitment providers, delivering quality respondents to both qualitative and quantitative studies so get in touch now!

Visit the J&S Recruitment website for more information or get in touch with us.

Associations and Accreditation

The Research Society
Privacy Quality Ethics
ISO Certified

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