Making CATI Affordable Again

Making CATI Affordable Again

In any type of market research, ensuring that voices from all demographics are heard is crucial. Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) has long been seen as the gold standard for obtaining high-quality, representative data on a granular level.

The challenge with CATI is that it requires highly-trained interviewers using state-of-the-art technology to conduct what can be lengthy interviews. This quickly gets expensive which can limit the ability of research agencies and their clients to use it.

Until now.

In this blog we will look at how TKW Research Group has made CATI more cost-effective by conducting campaigns from our Fiji operations without compromising quality.


CATI: The Gold Standard

CATI is a robust market research methodology for achieving truly representative samples. It combines the advantages of traditional phone interviews with the efficiency of computer automation, ensuring data is collected accurately and systematically.

Advantages of CATI

Broad Reach: CATI can effectively target individuals across various demographics, including those residing in regional and remote areas with limited internet access. This inclusivity ensures that the voices of often underrepresented groups are heard, providing a comprehensive view of the population’s opinions and behaviours.

Extensive Sampling Pool: CATI grants access to a vast sample pool, which is essential for obtaining a representative sample. By reaching a wide array of participants, CATI avoids the pitfalls of online surveys, such as self-selection bias, where only certain types of individuals might choose to participate.

Combating Selection Bias: Selection bias is a significant concern in research methodologies. CATI mitigates this by allowing access to a diverse demographic, offering a more accurate picture of the national market. This method ensures that research findings are not skewed by over-representing specific groups.

Overcoming Internet Access Limitations: Despite the widespread availability of Internet access, there are still pockets of the population, particularly in remote areas, with limited connectivity. CATI ensures these populations are not excluded from research, maintaining the integrity and inclusivity of the data collected.

Improved Response Rates: CATI facilitates direct contact with potential participants, leading to higher response rates than self-administered surveys. The personal touch of a live interviewer can significantly boost engagement and willingness to participate, resulting in more reliable data.

The Human Element: A live interviewer in CATI surveys adds a crucial human element. Interviewers can effectively overcome hesitations towards phone surveys through professional communication and clear explanations, making the process more approachable for participants. This personal interaction often results in richer, more nuanced data.

Collecting Qualitative Feedback: CATI is also useful for collecting qualitative feedback. Interviewers can engage in conversations with respondents, capturing and understanding their in-depth feedback.


Overcoming Challenges with CATI

While CATI has numerous advantages, it also comes with its own set of challenges. TKW Research Group has implemented several strategies to mitigate these issues.

Interviewer Training: Outsourcing research to a third party can mean that interviewers are less knowledgeable about your business than your staff would be. TKW addresses this by providing extensive training to our interviewers. Our team is trained to engage respondents effectively, ensuring they provide accurate and detailed answers. We also have specialised teams for different B2B, B2C, or recruitment projects.

Managing Survey Length: Long surveys can deter respondents. Our interviewers are trained to keep respondents engaged throughout the study, ensuring they complete it. We also offer the flexibility to schedule callbacks, allowing respondents to complete the survey at their convenience.

Cost Compared to Online Surveys: While online surveys are cheaper, the quality of data collected through CATI is often superior, especially for open-ended questions. Respondents are more likely to provide detailed feedback in a conversation than when typing responses online.


Making CATI Affordable Again: The Fiji Advantage

While CATI is unparalleled in its effectiveness, it has traditionally been more expensive than other methods. TKW Research Group has tackled this challenge head-on by leveraging operations in Fiji, significantly reducing costs while maintaining high standards of data quality.

Cost-Effective Operations in Fiji

TKW has established a cost-effective CATI operation in Fiji, where labour and infrastructure costs are lower than in other regions. This strategic move has allowed us to pass on significant savings to our clients without compromising the quality of our research services.

High-Quality Workforce

Fiji boasts a highly skilled, English-speaking workforce, essential for conducting CATI surveys. The interviewers are trained to adhere to TKW’s high standards, ensuring the data collected is accurate and reliable. Their proficiency in English and understanding of diverse cultures make them well-suited for conducting national surveys that require nuanced communication.

Technological Infrastructure

Fiji’s robust technological infrastructure supports our CATI operations, ensuring seamless communication and data collection processes. Reliable telecommunications and internet services in Fiji enable our interviewers to conduct surveys efficiently, even in high-volume projects.

Time Zone Advantage

Fiji’s time zone provides a strategic advantage, allowing for extended operating hours. This flexibility ensures we can reach participants at times convenient for them, further improving response rates and the overall quality of data collected.

Commitment to Quality

In addition to the cost savings achieved by operating in Fiji, TKW Research Group maintains the highest data quality standards. Our rigorous training programmes, quality control measures, and adherence to ethical research practices ensure that our CATI surveys continue to deliver the reliable, high-quality data our clients expect.

By making CATI cost-effective again, TKW Research Group allows research agencies and their clients to include inclusive and accurate market research telephone surveys in their mix of methods. This can help ensure that the voices of all demographics are heard and considered in the decision-making processes of businesses and policymakers.

For more information on our CATI services and how we can help your organisation achieve its research goals, visit our CATI page or contact Mandy Admiraal, General Manager, at [email protected].