It's your customer, but their voice. And that's the voice we want to capture for you. In real-time. Clearly. With total accuracy.

We've scoured the world to find a solution that provides a dedicated platform to deliver fast, fresh feedback that gives you the tools you need to act fast and improve the customer experience, and we've identified Watermelon as being able to provide that solution.

We've already engaged Watermelon to assist our Voice of Customer program at one of Australia's 'Big 4' banks, and we're working to introduce Watermelon to more of our clients.



TKW Research Group Partner With Watermelon To Deliver Best-In-Class VoC Solutions

Watermelon are specialists in the VoC space, working with many of the worlds top brands to enable them to not only collect VoC and NPS data but also to take effective loyalty-building actions, based on a deep and rapid understanding of the voice of their customers.

Watermelon are the specialists in understanding your customers' voice and the fastest growing company within the Chime Communications Group. They offer real-time, highly responsive Voice of Customer platforms not available elsewhere in the market.

Their solutions make it possible for world-class brands to take effective loyalty-building actions, based on a deep and rapid understanding of the voice of their customers. Through their partnership with TKW Research Group, they have the ability to engage with a wide range of people using the latest cutting edge approaches and deliver these results in multiple formats, including their bespoke visually engaging dashboards.

And as part of Chime Communications, they fully understand the bigger picture when it comes to creating insight.



The amount of customer data being generated each day can be overwhelming. We build solutions that enable our clients to listen to customer voices 'in the moment' and act accordingly - whether that is re-engaging with a disgruntled customer or monitoring a situation to future proof against further occurrences.

We capture the voice of the customer in real time, directly after any brand interaction, including contacting the contact centre, emailing customer support, live chat, making an enquiry, placing an order.

Once the customer has completed the survey, this infromation is pushed through to an easy to read, visually engaging, and actionable dashboard.

The VoC Cycle is broken down into 5 key phases as illustrated to the left, with each phase built to your specifications.


Imagine being able to hear the voice of your customers from one bespoke, customisable, branded online dashboard. When it comes to VoC, nothing beats being able to hear what your customers have to say in ream time.

We work together to explore what your dashboard needs to deliver one based on your business needs. It can combine not only real-time VoC data but also data from secondary sources and/or social media data.

Your dashboard is customised not only for your company but also at the user level - we understand different users need different data.


Your watermelon dashboard is customised and branded to your specifications.

Range Of Data

Your dashboard can include VoC, Secondary Source & Social Media data.

Company & User Level

You can have multiple views within the dashboard based upon role.


Built to work with all your company's devices.

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