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A Innovative Solution Results In A Saving Of 40% In Fieldwork Costs.

The project was in home product testing that involved a 5 day multi product test. The traditional approach was to send out a face to face interviewers every day for the 5 days.

This ground breaking invention meant that the product was locked inside a safe box to control the randomised rotation and usage of each product code in line with the rigorous project guidelines – without needing an interviewer to attend each day.

The study was in field for 4 years and completed more than 14,000 product tests during that time throughout Melbourne and Sydney.


Since 2014 and ongoing to 2019, a blind product test of laundry detergents, both liquids and powders was conducted.

The study involved 120 women aged 25 to 49 years who are mainly responsible for laundry work in their household. The participants included the client Biozet’s customers as well as the leading competitors in the category and an even split of top and front loader washing machine owners.

Participants were given 1 of 2 products to sample with each participant having a mirrored participant with the alternative sample.

Before conducting the test, participants were interviewed on laundry product preference and were encouraged to use the sample product for 2 weeks.

Somersby Cider

Product Taste Test

From 2016 to 2019 we conducted a product taste test for Somerby cider.

300 adults, 150 in Sydney and 150 in Melbourne aged 18-50 attended a central location to participate in the study.

The participants were recruited by TKW’s recruitment company J&S Research. Half were required to drink cider more often than every 2-3 months and half were required to drink cider every 2-3 months or less often.

Additionally half were required to be Somerby drinkers and half do not drink Somersby.

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