What is Online Market Research?

Online market research is a great way to reach respondents in a quick and cost effective manner – especially for general population research. We work with our accredited partner panels to help us deliver large scale online projects in the most time efficient manner. Meaning you get your data sooner!

Although, like with everything in life, there is a trade-off between price and quality. Sometimes it is too easy for respondents to fill out information and not provide as much insight in their responses as they would with an interviewer probing them over the telephone or face to face. There is also the question mark over who is actually completing the survey (especially when a more targeted respondent is required). And we all know that the older population, rural and remote areas of Australia as well as CALD and ATSI respondents are just not well represented on online panels. So we’ve identified that the most effective approach is to use an omni channel / mixed mode approach. This provides you with the best balance between price, quality of data and robustness of the sample – ensuring it is truly representative.

Where we utilise

  • Online for quicker and cheaper completes
  • CATI for harder to reach markets & to achieve more representative data

Customised Approach

We customise the approach with your end objectives in mind and manage the entire data collection process for you for all methodologies. So the entire data collection process is completely seamless, efficient and robust – what more could you want?

Associations and Accreditation

The Research Society
Privacy Quality Ethics
ISO Certified

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