What is Data Input and Coding?

We have a team of highly experienced market research data entry and coding professionals that can transform masses of unstructured data into insightful, actionable information. We are experts in coding and designing code frames that will allow themes in your data to be easily identified and ready for in-depth quantitative analysis, whilst providing you with cleaned verbatim responses that provide rich insights. Ensuring you get the best of both worlds!

Data Collection Process

We can facilitate as much, or as little, of the data collection process as our clients require. If you need someone to data enter your hard copy responses and provide you with a data file, we can do that. If you have the data and you would like the open ended questions coded, we can do that too. However our services work best when they are used together. So let us create a tailored research approach for you. This bespoke solution allows our full suite of services to work together and complement each other, meaning the final data that you get is statistically sound, representative and merges together seamlessly.

For Example

We can design a project that incorporates online interviews and then create a targeted boost sample of people in rural areas or the older population. We use the one platform to collect the data so the data merges together and is both uniform and robust.

Associations and Accreditation

The Research Society
Privacy Quality Ethics
ISO Certified

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