What is F2F or Customer Intercepts?

Face-to-face interviewing often called customer intercepts, is a survey method that is utilized when a specific target population is involved. The purpose of conducting such a survey is to explore more fully people’s responses and gather more and insightful information. It is used to gather valuable data immediately after a subject has experienced a product or service.

Intercepts are used to probe the answers of the respondents and at the same time, to observe the behavior of the respondents, either individually or as a group.

High Response Rates

One of the main reasons why researchers achieve good response rates through this method is the face-to-face nature of the intercept survey. Unlike administering online questionnaires, people are more likely to readily answer live questions about the subject (for instance, a product or service) simply because they can actually experience, see, touch, hear or even taste the product.

More Accurate Representation

With face-to-face interviewing you can be absolutely sure that the person you are talking to is the person doing the survey (is at the location and is the age and gender required) and has experienced the transaction or event you are investigating. There is no doubt!

Also, you are talking to them in-the-moment, that is, they have just completed the experience you are testing or they are in the midst of it. They do not have to recall it, it is contemporaneous. This means that the accuracy of the research feedback is absolute, a very precious thing.

Better Observation of Behaviour

Market researchers can benefit from intercept surveying because it presents a greater opportunity to observe the attitude and behaviour of the respondents / consumers toward a product/service. This can be recorded on the tablet device and used to clearly illustrate consumer attitudes beyond mere words.

Face to face customer intercepts are perfect for capturing RAW and unfiltered information. This information is vital to understand the uncensored opinion of your product or service.

Customer intercepts work best when combined with other in store methodologies such as retail audits including observations and counts.

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