What is My CX?

My CX is the customer experience division of TKW Research. My CX is entirely devoted to all forms of customer experience measurement and tracking across all methodologies. We specialise in bespoke solutions for our clients who want to get inside their customers’ heads, see what they think about their brand and why.

    How we help

    In-depth, actionable data is the key to making informed business decisions that have a lasting impact on your brand reputation.

    We get our data straight from your customers via:

    • Nationwide mystery shopping
    • Intercept interviews
    • Event evaluation
    • In-store audits, observation
    • Product testing
    • Social media monitoring
    • Bespoke studies
    • Compliance Auditing

We specialise in delivering in-depth CX reports and analysis, drawing on our decades of experience in helping businesses like yours harness the power of customer data. All your data insights are readily available through a bespoke online dashboard, so you can see how to boost your CX in an instant.

Visit the My CX website for more information or get in touch with a CX expert now!

Associations and Accreditation

The Research Society
Privacy Quality Ethics
ISO Certified

Start understanding your market.