Bariatric Surgeons – Recruit to Online Survey

We tracked the changes in treatments, techniques and usage within the Australian community of Bariatric Surgeons. This was a complex study: involving programming 40 skips and routes, segment specific quotas, and supporting user issues. A specialised group whose public details were not commercially available, AFS ‘Smart Askers’ delivered the project by leveraging local healthcare connections and partnerships to fulfil the study.

Project Cancer Treatment Recruit to Online Survey

150 interviews have been conducted monthly with GPs and Specialists on cancer treatment awareness for one of the larger pharmacy companies. The ongoing challenge has been to provide fresh respondents over time without increasing the incentive to participate or upsetting Practice Managers by soliciting them each month. We developed a registry / panel of healthcare professionals, allowing the ongoing access, quarantining and repopulation of a national GP database.

Cervical Cancer Profiling Advertising Awareness – Recruit to Paper or Online

Constraints included timing and sequencing collection with advertising waves, maintaining long-term relationships and capturing the opinions of Early Adopters through to Laggards. We needed to navigate privacy concerns and access young women en masse. The AFS ‘Smart Askers’ solution was to recruit 25 surgery locations nationally, collect 2,500 responses and manage practice relationships to identify, provide and return the surveys. We obtained all required self completes consistent with the campaign schedule.

Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons – Recruit to Online Survey

The objective was to measure the adoption and performance of a new product, and test the emerging level of knowledge / perception within the target specialist group. AFS ‘Smart Askers’ used an appropriate incentive of $200 for participation in the study and networked the small group for introductions to other qualifying participants, allowing for a very low refusal rate due to using recommendations from known colleagues to entice participants. The study involved delivering branded plug and play web cameras so that Surgeons could participate in afterhours FGs and IDIs.

Nephrologists – Recruitment and Moderation

This study required the recruitment and contracting of moderators for specialists dealing with end stage kidney failure. It featured a hard to reach professional group, and required the handling of sensitive information, including two treatment groups. Our moderators worked with an international discussion guide. Focus groups were delivered live during late night sessions to accommodate the availability of the international research team while being recorded and transcribed for next day delivery.

Melanoma – Recruitment and Moderation

To understand the day-to-day treatment experiences of Dermatologists and GP Skin Care Clinicians, AFS ‘Smart Askers’ arranged a recruitment and fly in / fly out schedule for international moderators. We often use this type of arrangement, as it means we can schedule the entire research process to work with the availability of international research teams.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Recruitment and Moderation

We collected diagnosis opinions from Rheumatologist Specialists via both IDI and Focus Groups with current Patients and their Specialists. This was a complex project engaging local professionals and interviewing in situ or near situ. Interviews / Groups were triggered based on a prognosis. AFS ‘Smart Askers’ provided an open schedule of Focus Group times across Australia to facilitate a number of participants, casting a wide net to complete the project.