Anti-TNF Biological Research

The constraints on this project included the limitation of only 70 qualified names, of which 40% ‘did not participate’ or were unavailable. The 30-minute survey included a $200 incentive. With a hybrid method of online or over the phone, we were able to achieve 35 total responses (50%). The hybrid design enabled greater representation, participation and a shorter turnaround time.

Directors of Hospital Pharmacies

The challenge was to engage with the budget planning process and decision making cycle of Hospital Pharmacy executive teams to understand their dynamics, thus providing insight for government healthcare consultants. AFS ‘Smart Askers’ executive interviewers provided the ability to transfer and update recorded metrics as decisions and circumstances changed over the study period. Using WATI, AFS ‘Smart Askers’ not only completed the longitudinal study but also provided updates on respondent details as role within decision-making teams changed.

Project Child Vaccinations

1000 interviews were completed with GPs nationally to study the adoption of a Gastro vaccination among those currently treating specific infant conditions.  This was an unprecedented data collection exercise for the clients, with a requirement that the study be completed within a single month. The survey goals aided the interest in the study as did the appropriate incentive and the brand’s long affiliation with the segment. Due to the nature of the required data, the solutions included creating a customised data entry privacy solution for the Healthcare Professional to access during the process.

HIV Practices

Interviews were conducted with GPs and Pharmacists into the practices and treatment considerations when patients present with HIV symptoms. A lengthy survey with open-ended responses included highly specialised language requirements and sensitivities. The AFS ‘Smart Askers’ interview team ‘workshopped’ the study responses daily, thus improving the quality of the results.

Infant Nutrition

AFS ‘Smart Askers’ contributed Australia’s responses into a pool of 40 countries that constituted a worldwide assessment of infant nutrition. The project demonstrated that AFS ‘Smart Askers’ Healthcare’s sample is world-class, providing quality contacts and filling quotas more efficiently than other developed nations.

Low Dose Aspirin

This was a total market-based assessment covering responses from Patients, Nurses, Cardiologists and GPs. The intricate study included interviews that were more than 30 minutes long, involving pause / restart functionality, segment specific quotas and the need to support respondents who have varying levels of technical ability or availability. AFS ‘Smart Askers’ was able to source a representative sample based on behaviour screening and scheduled interviews across an 18-hour day.

Cardiology Patients

This study Involved talking with patients in hospitals, recovering from stent operations. Monitored over some weeks, the study involved the recovery process, the effectiveness of the treatment, the outcome, and satisfaction with the information provided, while collecting complex Patient demographics.