Our Expertise: Recruitment

To gain real insight, you need to make sure your questions are reaching the right people.

Our dedicated recruitment subsidiary, J&S Research, is here to help you reach out to the people you need to speak to. We've got decades of experience and are comfortable working with both offline and online recruitment to make sure you achieve the results you need.

We've been carrying out quality market research to the highest industry standards since 1978, giving us the experience to deliver meaningful insight into your target market.

We're committed to finding the best recruits and those recruits are confirmed and screened at least twice before each focus group or depth interview.

Whether your study calls for online or offline recruitment, or a mixed mode approach, we have access to several panels and databases throughout Australia, making us the obvious choice for your project. We're also comfortable recruiting from our clients own customer lists.

Our recruitment services can enrich your study, regardless of the methodology. We're experts at finding reliable participants in your focus group, or when you need to recruit participants over the phone to take part in your online survey.

Our recruitment services are perfect when you're looking to:

  • Explore a new product or service idea.
  • Understand your organisation's brand image.
  • Test the effectiveness of advertising and marketing concepts and materials.
  • Differentiate between competitor's perceived strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gain insights into purchasing decisions.
  • Conduct product testing.

And many more.

What Do Our Clients Say?

  • GFK Australia use J and S Research regularly for qualitative recruitment. Kristy is a pleasure to deal with and is always willing to help us get great respondents - no matter how crazy the deadlines! They provide a professional and friendly service and we would definitely recommend J and S to other quallies out there!
    Mandy Abel
    GFK Services
  • As a specialist in government research, I am constantly asking recruitment companies to find participants for research on difficult and sensitive topics. From disability to drug use to sport to mental health, J and S Research always works with me to find what can be extremely hard to reach research participants. The open communication that I have always experienced with J and S Research has meant that together we have often achieved the near impossible recruitment, especially in fast turnaround situations.
    Victoria Parr
    Latitude Insights
  • Reality Check runs Australia's largest ongoing syndicated qualitative research program, running group discussions 49 weeks of the year, and have used J and S Research for consumer recruitment weekly (since day one!) in Sydney, and have found their services professional in every way. Working for our client base of major marketers, meeting our high demands for fast turnaround and confidentiality, we would recommend J and S Research to anyone with complete confidence.
    Moira Callard
    Reality Check Communication Research Pty Ltd.


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