Quality & Compliance

Quality Assurance

Quality is entrenched across all activities that we undertake at TKW Research Group, and this ensures that we work hard to ensure the quality and reliability of your research and data.

ISO 20252:2012

TKW Research Group has management frameworks in place that comply with the stringent requirements of AS ISO 20252:2012.

This international standard sets out the requirements of a quality management system for organizations conducting market, opinion and social research. It establishes the service requirements for both organisations and professionals conducting research in these fields. It requires senior management to be responsible for ensuring their organisations provide an exceptional level of quality control.

This standard also sets our requirements for the confidentiality of research, project documentation, training, outsourcing, and reviewing the effectiveness of the quality system as a whole.

For our clients, knowing that we're accredited to ISO 20252 allows them to rest assured that our team are following processes that are at the highest standard within the industry - producing consistent, reliable and transparent products and services whilst reducing errors.