How do you use data gained from your social media channels in your wider VoC program?

By Watermelon | 10 October 2016

With around 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook users and 255 million monthly active Twitter users, it is now easier than ever before to tell the whole world about your recent customer experience.

Our partners at Watermelon Research recognise social media data has its place, but how should brands should use it within their wider VoC programme?

Below we explore the key points around using the data to help your VoC programme:

1.Recognise the difference between solicited and unsolicited feedback. Although social media data is important, it is not comparable with the feedback you receive from customers who respond to your surveys and it is likely that it will not be representative of your customer base.

2.So why is social media data important? To fully understand the Voice of the Customer you need to listen to all channels. Generally speaking, we expect to see extremes of behaviour on social media so it can give an insight into what your customers feel strongly about.

3.What types of social media data are important? Because of the vast amount of data that is created on social media it can be difficult to know where to focus attention. When analysing social media data, automatic tools are vital in ensuring key themes and messages are picked out and categorised, so that you can understand how your customers are responding to your service and where you need to prioritise your focus.

4.What are the challenges of integrating social media data into VoC programmes? Although you may envisage difficulties integrating lots of different data streams, Watermelon is here to make your life easier. Their platforms are open source, meaning integrating data within the programmes won’t cause us any sleepless nights!

5.Why social media data will never replace surveys? Social media data does not give the complete picture of views of your customers; it never has and never will. The varying channels and ways that customers engage with social media also means that alone it will not provide the structure and depth of feedback that is required for you to consistently understand how you are performing against KPIs, core metrics and where you need to take action to improve the experience for all of your customers.

A successful Voice of the Customer programme is built on the foundation that the customer can choose how they want to give feedback and can give feedback at their convenience. Some customers will feel social media is the best way to be heard so this data needs to be integrated into your programme and compliment the other data sources and survey channels that you are utilising, to give you a truly holistic view of the service you are providing.


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