Did you know that Australia’s Healthcare sector is the largest employer of people in the country? The industry is booming as evidenced by a report by the Australian Government Department of Employment that ‘one in four new jobs over the next five years will be in healthcare and social assistance’. Not only does this include qualified professionals but support staff and volunteers. What has now become apparent is that there are now a number of challenges that organisational leaders will face in coordinating this fast growing sector. Some of these are addressed below:

A maturing population

With this growing industry, comes the demand for increased staff. A potential solution to the estimate the Federal Government has provided in an ‘additional 50,000 carers’ needed in the next five years would be to take advantage of the number of older people in the workforce. The more experienced of this demographic could provide for a skillset that is particularly needed in the aged and disability sector of healthcare.

Greater skillset

A greater skillset will be needed to keep up with changing and increasing demands across the health sector. Community issues are now are large part of organisational management and hence cultural understanding is also a capability that needs to be intertwined with other functions such as literacy and numeracy support. Furthermore as healthcare is a competitive funding environment, organisations are looking for people with business intuition such as management and leadership skills.

Work-life stability

Healthcare professionals are looking for more stable and flexible working hours and organisations are now taking this into consideration to meet the balance that is highly sought after.

Building a regional workforce

Regional areas are undoubtedly in need of qualified and diligent health professionals who can live and practice in the area. Organisations along with the governments needs to ensure that opportunities are met with enticing opportunities and rewards. This will be focal in ensuring people relocating themselves along with partners and children from a metropolitan lifestyle is of sufficient value.

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