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Edward Life Sciences, American medical equipment company specialising in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, enlisted the help of TKW Health to roll out a multi stage education and evaluation program to inform Australian GP’s about the diagnosis and treatment options now available for Aortic Stenosis. The education program involved a resource kit with information about Aortic Stenosis being sent out to the GPs across Australia.  The objective was to understand broader GP awareness and conduct a series of additional research schedules to understand pre and post kit receipt awareness levels amongst GPs and cardiologists.

The study started with a pilot in Victoria and then rolled out to the rest of Australia.  We recruited 6,620 GPs and 1406 clinics in Victoria and a total of 14,448 GPs and 4193 clinics spread across the rest of Australia.  We then facilitated follow-up emails and calls to all the GP’s recruited to find out their feedback on the kits they received and conducted quantitative market research with them to discover what they found useful, how their patients reacted to the kits, any areas that they thought it could be improved and to encourage them to order refills.  TKW Health provided all GPs with a free toll 1800 number which they can call to ask any questions or order refills.  In addition to this we conducted n=60 interviews with Echo Cardiologists and n=200 interviews with Generals Cardiologists to gain deeper insight into the condition.

The study identified knowledge gaps and ways in which the gaps can be reduced as well as the preferred channel for this.  The client gained intensive local market knowledge and rich insight as a result of this study and it is set to continue in further waves.

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