The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals

As we adjust to the new reality of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are having to quickly adapt to how they work amidst the deadly virus.

Many in the healthcare sector are experiencing firsthand how the pandemic is impacting Australian lives as well as how it impacts their own livelihoods.

While some of our healthcare professionals have increased their workload, there are others who have seen a dramatic reduction in patients and therefore income. Like many of us they are now concerned for their future financial wellbeing.

But they are seeing change. There is a quiet confidence that government decisions, restrictions and social distancing are having a positive impact on containing the outbreak. A hope that we are getting through this, but concerns that if we become complacent, we may undo all the good work we have achieved. Their message is to stay vigilant and patient, listen to advice and show respect and kindness to others.

This is the second TKW Research study into the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s healthcare professionals. It reveals the pressure the virus is having on our medical system and reveals what our healthcare professionals are thinking, feeling and experiencing and what we need to do next.

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