Our People

We strive to build a great company that attracts, develops and retains extraordinary people. We look at things differently, we challenge the status quo, and we solve complex problems. Our team love to explore what makes people tick by spending time with them in all kinds of contexts to observe, chat, probe and hangout.

Our team will share their experience and knowledge with you with the sole aim of improving the outcomes of your project. Whether you're stuck trying to recruit from a difficult demographic or whether you're unsure how best to word a difficult question, our team will happily and willingly share their knowledge and opinions with you.


Meet The Team

Mandy Admiraal

General Manager

(03) 8789 4409

Sandhya Le Grand

Chief Operating Officer

(03) 8789 4405

Drew Le Grand

Executive Chairman

(03) 8789 4403

Dylan Murray

Senior Project Director

(02) 9267 1555

Anita Watts

Healthcare Director

(03) 8789 4444

Malcolm Slinger


(03) 8789 4412

Kris Ram

Operations Manager NZ

(03) 8789 4444

Rob Paterson

Client Services Executive

(03) 8789 4404

Tony Leiberman

QA & Compliance Manager

(03) 8789 4444

Donelle Rua

Healthcare - Qualitative

(03) 8789 4444

Marisa Cian

Healthcare - Quantatitve

(03) 8789 4444

Sarah Nye

Office Manager

(03) 8789 4444