From the moment consumers become customers, we can help you understand your entire customer experience at the click of a button.

Using face-to-face mystery shopping, bespoke and tailored dashboards, coupled with in-depth customer experience reporting and analysis, we can deliver actionable data for you to make real business decisions.

TKW Research can offer a full quality service-based mystery shop with deep insights and daily snapshots - including immediate red flags.


From the moment your consumers become customers, TKW Research works with you in a plethora of tailored market research methodologies to better understand your customer and to gain meaningful insights in order to make better business decisions.


CASE STUDY - Transport F2F & CAPI in Perth

For the last 9 years, we've been working with our contact in Perth for transportation studies across Face-to-Face and CAPI methods. Initially comprising of over 4,000 F2F interviews across bus, train and ferry services in Perth using hard copy questionnaires, TKW Research worked with the client to successfully transition to CAPI in 2015 providing markedly increases in efficiency.
What our client says:

"TKW is a long-standing, experienced company with national coverage and capability. They will do what is required to get the job done and aren't afraid to put forward alternate suggestions as to how a methodology or approach could be improved. TKW has provided excellent field services to Painted Dog on this project over the past 9 years" - Chris Batini, Principal at Painted Dog Research