The AFS ‘Smart Askers’ approach is based on past experience and insights into the Australian Healthcare market. This ensures you get the right information for your medical fieldwork project fast. All of our services aim to utilise our vast internal knowledge base, its links with leading physicians and our many years’ experience in medical fieldwork.

The AFS ‘Smart Askers’ approach gives you the edge you need to win that next project and deliver broader insights for your clients fast!

AFS Healthcare Smart includes:

  • Australian thought leaders
  • Harnessing 30 years of fieldwork experience
  • Upfront consultancy support and desk research

We have the resources to recruit some of the top opinion leaders and experts from across Australia to our database, online panels and internal knowledge base. Our expert “knowledge works” members provide information on many therapy areas and they will help to ensure your fieldwork project gets off to the right start with expert feasibility assessments.

We invite you to access AFS Healthcare Smart experts and our archive of medical information for your next medical market research project.