AFS Healthcare specialises in getting market information direct from the people who matter – medical professionals, health insiders, industry experts and customers – to answer the most difficult questions facing the industry.

Our extensive database and fast moving project team provides quick access to our respondents. We will provide quotations within 4 hours and launch a “sample only” study on the same day we receive final client instruction.

Complex recruits, top ups and low incidence target groups:

Our in house team of recruiters and telephone interviewers, offer expert advice on local market differences and can reach low incidence respondents that are just not available on your average panel.

We will ensure the highest number of completes are achieved –via interviewer assistance where required – and expert bespoke recruitment.

AFS Healthcare  is one of only a few companies who can offer quantitative online studies with Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, Patients and highly targeted specialists.