ou may get asked to take part in several interesting types of research once you are on the ‘Smart Answers’ panel.

Focus Groups are the most rewarding and most likely type of research you could take part in.  These are group discussions, normally facilitated by a professional researcher. They can be made up of groups of similar people or different people depending on what our client needs to know.

Depth Interviews are usually a structured conversation, either face-to-face or over the telephone.  Occasionally depth interviews may have more than one person being asked the questions.  It can be done in couples or even in groups of three.

Online Research involves our ‘Smart Answers’ panel members being invited to answer a questionnaire online, via a PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A Central Location Test (CLT) is an event where numerous people are invited along to a single place, for a variety of purposes. The event could include taste tests, radio listening surveys, packaging tests, and forums to discuss government policies.

We can’t guarantee how often you’ll be asked to take part because that depends on what our clients need to know and to whom they need to speak.  But we do promise that whether you have taken part in research or not, you are eligible for the $1,000 quarterly draw. To be eligible, simply respond to the quarterly question asking for a piece of detail about you or what you think.