What types of market research could I participate in?

You may be asked to participate in focus groups, questionnaires over the phone, by trialling existing or new products, mystery shopping, previewing a television pilot or movie, be involved in a one-on-one interview, complete an in-home study, come to a taste test or answer an online survey. Most research projects are interesting and fun!

Where are the focus groups and how long do they take?

Focus groups last on average between 1.5- 2 hours and they can take place during the day, evening and some weekends at venues all over Australia.  Depth interviews (discussions) may take 30-60 minutes and may be done on the phone or in person.

How will I get paid?

If you are invited to participate in a focus group or interview you will be offered a cash or voucher incentive typically worth between $75 and $120 per session, or much more for specialised and high profile audiences. You will receive your reward at the end of the session – or you can donate it to your favourite charity or club!

Will my privacy be protected and my information kept confidential?

Yes.  Our Privacy Policy and Procedures are in accordance with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Act No. 119 as amended), and the Market and Social Research Privacy Code which came into effect on 1st September 2003.

Once I register, what can I expect?

When we receive a request for research, we draw participants from our database based on criteria provided to us by the company conducting the research.  If you fit the profile we are looking for, we’ll contact you by phone, and ask you a series of final screening questions. If you meet the criteria, you’ll be invited to participate.

Can I opt out if I want to?

You can unsubscribe from the database anytime, by sending us an email.  You’re under no obligation to accept an invitation to participate in a survey but if you do accept – we do expect you to make a firm commitment.  If you commit to taking part in a focus group, after talking to you we will confirm your attendance by email and then again 24 hours before the event. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’ll be unable to keep your appointment, so we can find a replacement.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

Incentive payments vary according to the type of research and the time it takes for you to participate. There is not usually any additional payment for travel or parking expenses.

How often can I take part in focus groups?

The research industry puts a limit on the number of times someone can attend focus groups to prevent the same people attending too often and skewing the results for clients.  You are invited to attend group discussions no more than once every 6 months but you can still participate in other forms of research like face-to-face interviews and taste testing.