Since 1997, AFS ‘Smart Askers’ has provided great value, high quality data collection, recruitment and fieldwork services to the market research industry.

Whatever our clients’ data collection, recruitment or fieldwork needs, we are extremely confident that we will meet those needs and do so competitively. That’s why we are the ‘Smart Askers’.

Our headquarters are in Seaford, just south of Melbourne, in an area where we have access to high quality interviewers and supervisors. Our management, field teams and data processing are also located here.

The Victorian site has 80 seats in the CATI room, supported by further capacity at our newly opened 100-seat CATI facility in Auckland, New Zealand. Both run on VoxCo software, designed to integrate smoothly with our clients’ processes. Clients benefit from the close working relationship between our teams. The programmers work on site, enabling positive and regular dialogue during project testing and set-up. The CATI rooms are also set up to be able to deliver WATI projects feeding directly into our clients’ own data systems.

Our experienced team is managed by expert supervisors and managers, while interviews are constantly monitored to ensure they provide high quality data to our clients.

The Recruitment team has a growing network of contacts and a growing panel of potential research participants. These panellists are augmented by our skill at free finding niche groups and ‘hard to reach’ individuals who are often taking part in research for the first time.

Our field force of face-to-face interviewers covers all urban and large areas of rural Australia. Interviewers can work with paper and tablets as required by our clients. The team has specialist expertise in shopper research using both intercept and observation techniques.